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Cat Tear Stain Remover

Tear stains in cats is a cosmetic problem that is most often found in Persians caused by the overflow of tears. Instead of using a topical cleaning agent or wash that may irritate the sensitive area around the eye, Pet Health Market recommends tear stain supplements that fixes the problem from the inside. Browse our selection of water-soluble tear stain removal supplements that fight the bacteria contributing to unsightly tear stains. Most of the products found on this page can be sprinkled on your cat’s food or added to their water to reduce the appearance of feline eye stains.

Angels' Glow Tear Stain Supplement is a top-selling eye stain remover solution available in 1 oz containers and is safe to be used on pregnant cats. Most cats see noticeable results in 3-5 weeks’ time. Enjoy Free Shipping on all cat tear stain supplement orders in the continental US!

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Butler Schein Tear Stain Remover, 4 oz.
Butler Schein Tear Stain Remover, 4 oz.
Our Price: $9.97

Butler Tear Stain Remover aids in cleaning the eye and removing tear stains. Useful in flushing the eye of mucous and debris from infection [conjunctivitis], irritation, dust or foreign body. Also indicated to flush eye prior to applying eye medication.
Davis Spa Facial Tearless Cleanser, 12 oz
Davis Spa Facial Tearless Cleanser, 12 oz
Our Price: $12.16

Spa Facial Tearless Cleanser

Davis Spa Facial Tearless Cleanser is a luxurious, tearless face cleanser that beautifies, pampers and relaxes your pet while it gently removes dirt and unsightly stains. Enhanced with a soothing and Rain Fresh fragrance. Davis Spa Facial can be used as a tearless face cleanser, for spot cleaning, or as a overall body wash.

Directions for use:
  • For Facial Cleanser: Gently remove build-up residue around eyes and mouth with a warm, moist cloth. Then carefully dampen the rest of the face with warm water using a clean cloth. Apply a small amount of facial cleanser to the cloth and spread on the entire face, avoiding the eyes. Massage lightly, taking care to thoroughly address stained areas. For best results, allow to be absorbed for 1 to 2 minutes.. Heavily stained areas may require daily use until stain is removed. Rinse thoroughly.
  • For Overall Body Wash: Wet coat thoroughly with warm water. Apply to head and ears, avoiding the eyes then lather. Repeat procedure with neck, chest, middle and hindquarter, finishing with legs. Rinse thoroughly.
Dilution Rates
Facial Cleanser: 1 part water to 1 part shampoo
Overall Body Wash: 10 parts water to 1 part shampoo
Thomas Labs I Stain For Dogs & Cats, 12 oz
Thomas Labs I Stain Supplement For Dogs & Cats, 12 oz
Our Price: $25.10

Thomas Labs I Stain Tear Stain Formula is an all enzyme-based supplement that combats eye stains caused by yeast in dogs and cats.
Pala-Tech Canine-Feline ForSight Petite Soft Chews, 60 Chews
Pala-Tech Canine/Feline ForSight Petite Soft Chews, 60 Count
Our Price: $29.88

Pala-Tech Canine/Feline ForSight Soft Chews is an ocular health supplement delivering key ingredients beneficial to overall eye health, function and longevity, Helps eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out.