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Best Dog Spray Skin Conditioner

With so many options for dog conditioners, your typical pet store dog conditioner aisle may be a little daunting. Have no fear – Pet Health Market has tons of great dog conditioners with descriptions of how they work, when to use them, and more. If you shop with us, not only will you get all of the options of a typical pet store, you will also get the information you need to make a decision of which one to choose.

If you’re looking for dog skin conditioner, Pet Health Market has a wide array of dog conditioners and cream rinses for prices that you can afford. We carry tons of trusted brand name conditioners and conditioner sprays, like Epi-Soothe, Humilac, and DermAllay. DermAllay has a great oatmeal spray for dogs that is highly soothing against dry, itchy skin. This dog spray conditioner is the perfect option for dogs with dry skin. DermAllay isn’t the only dog conditioner for dry skin, we also carry the Dermal-Soothe Anti-Itch Spray for Dogs and the EpiSoothe Cream Rinse & conditioner.

With all of our conditioner choices, you can be sure to find the best dog conditioner for your canine friend. Pet Health Market is the trusted resource for brand name pet products at discount prices.

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Epi-Soothe Oatmeal Cream Rinse & Conditioner, 8 oz
Epi-Soothe Oatmeal Cream Rinse & Conditioner, 8 oz
Our Price: $14.66

Virbac Epi-Soothe Oatmeal Cream Rinse & Conditioner is an oatmeal rinse and conditioner that soothes itching associated with dry sensitive skin of dogs, cats and horses. Restores natural skin oils and moisture. Makes hair coat more manageable.
Dechra Hypoallergenic Cream Rinse, 8 oz
Dechra Hypoallergenic Cream Rinse, 8 oz
Our Price: $14.80

Dechra Hypoallergenic Cream Rinse is a general purpose cream rinse recommended for dogs, cats, and horses with normal, sensitive, or dry skin.
Vetoquinol Aloe & Oatmeal Conditioner
Vetoquinol Aloe & Oatmeal Conditioner, 16 oz
Our Price: $15.25

Vetoquinol Care Aloe & Oatmeal Conditioner contains a blend of natural soothing agents, moisturizers, and vitamins.
Davis Hypoallergenic Creme Rinse, 12 oz
Davis Hypoallergenic Creme Rinse, 12 oz
Our Price: $16.47

Davis Hypoallergenic Creme Rinse is an extra-gentle coat conditioner designed for pets with persistently sensitive, dry and irritated skin. Creme Rinse also provides relief from itching due to allergies and other skin irritants.
Allerpet D Solution For Dogs, 12 oz.
Allerpet D Solution For Dogs - 12 oz.
Our Price: $16.81

Allerpet D is for people who are allergic to dogs.  Cleanses the dog's hair of dander, saliva and urine antigens considered to be the prime causes of allergic reactions people have to dogs.
Vetoquinol Dermal-Soothe Cream Rinse
Vetoquinol Dermal-Soothe Cream Rinse, 8 oz
Our Price: $17.03

Micro Pearls Advantage Dermal-Soothe Cream Rinse is an anti-itch, moisturizing formula designed to deliver long-lasting moisture factors to the hair and epidermal skin layers in a rich cream rinse base.
Ceva Aloe & Oatmeal Conditioner, 17 oz
Ceva Aloe & Oatmeal Conditioner, 17 oz
Our Price: $17.26

Aloe & Oatmeal Conditioner is a soothing skin and coat conditioner that contains vitamins A, D, & E, and Chamomile with a great scent.' Provides relief from itchy, scaling and sensitive skin and contains emollients to restore the skin's natural moisture.
Davis Pramoxine Anti-Itch Creme Rinse, 12 oz
Davis Pramoxine Anti-Itch Creme Rinse, 12 oz
Our Price: $17.51

Davis Pramoxine Anti-Itch Creme Rinse helps to provide rapid, temporary relief from itching caused by a variety of dermatologic conditions, including skin allergies and dry skin.
Zymox Enzymatic Rinse, 12 oz
Zymox Enzymatic Rinse, 12 oz
Our Price: $20.34

Zymox Three Point Enzyme System Medicated Rinse provides a protective antibacterial coating in the fur and skin.  Gentle on the skin yet tough on bacterial and fungal infections.
Davis Mat-Out Spray
Davis Mat-Out Spray, 32 oz
Our Price: $23.66

Davis Mat-Out is formulated to remove the toughest and largest of mats. Enhanced with conditioners which reduce static and keep coats looking healthy and radiant. Mat-Out is ideal for use as a leave-on conditioner.