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Here's a list of items collected for use in an outdoor environment with or without your animals. The HeatMax Hot Hands Hand Warmers, for example, are a must-have for being outside on chilly days or nights and wanting some warm relief. These disposable hand warmers come in multiple sizes, are air activated and stay warm for as many as 12 hours straight. They're great for competitors and spectators alike. HeatMax Hothands have adhesive on one side that allows them to stick where you want them. You'll find no better air-activated heat pack.

You'll also find a good selection of various tick removal tool choices, including: Tick Twister, Tick Plier, Tick Release and Ticked Off, which happens to be the one and only single motion tick eradicator. The Tick Plier removes ticks from both people and pets and does so without squeezing or twisting. It's been called the safest, easiest tick removal tool.

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TICKED OFF Tick Remover
TICKED OFF Tick Remover
Our Price: $6.75

TICKED OFF is the only single-motion tick remover designed to remove ticks in a timely and effective manner, with your safety in mind. The simple tool is easy to hold and use.  Proven in removing disease carrying ticks from animals and people.
Tick Twister PRO
Tick Twister Pro
Our Price: $7.38
Currently Unavailable

Tick Twister PRO tick removal tool is the safest and easiest way to remove ticks with leaving mouth parts behind. Quick removal without pain. Tick is caught and held in slot of tool until it can be safely disposed of.
Scotch Pet Hair Roller [4 in x 31 ft], 60 Sheets
Scotch Pet Hair Roller (4 in X 31 ft), 60 Sheets
Our Price: $7.41

Pet Lint Roller removes hair, lint, fuzz, dust, dandruff and other unsightly material from your clothes and upholstery. Ergonomic handle with a pet friendly design. Optimal adhesive for pet hair removal without fabric damage.
SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray Can
SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray Can
Our Price: $10.51

Premier SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray is highly effective, safe and humane way to deter aggressive animals.  Contains a powerful citronella formula that has proved to be highly effective in stopping an attacking dog.
Tick Release 1.25 oz
Tick Release 1.25 oz.
Our Price: $18.33

Tick Release is a fast, safe and effective aid in the removal of attached ticks from humans and animals without the use of any poisons.
HotHands Heated Glove/Mittens, BLAZE X-LG
HotHands Heated Glove/Mittens - BLAZE X-LG
Our Price: $19.02

HotHands Heated Apparel helps keep the body warm and comfortable in the outdoors when the temperature drops! Specifically made with special pockets to fit HotHands warmers, this outdoor apparel is designed for comfort and providing long lasting heat.