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KONG Dental Stick, Large C.E.T. Tartar Control Enzymatic Toothpaste, Beef Flavor 2.5 oz Butler Schein Enzy-Chews For Dogs 26-50 lbs, 30 Chews CET HEXtra Premium Chews with Chlorhexidine for Dogs, 30 PETITE Enzadent Fingerbrush Kit for Dogs and Cats, Poultry Flavor
KONG Dental Stick, Large
Our Price: $12.16

Pet Health Market | Discount Pet Meds & Supplies

You know your pet more than anyone else and sometimes the right medicine is just a vet’s visit away.  Because of time and money constraints, making an appointment at the vet isn’t always the solution that’s right for you.  At Pet Health Market, we stock the same brand-name and veterinarian-trusted pet meds online in one place so you can avoid the vet visit fees and order at your convenience.  From flea medicine, to vaccines, to bone and joint supplements and much more, we’re a one-stop pet medication supplier.

Whether your animal companion is a dog, cat, bird, horse or perhaps a more unusual reptile, we stock a variety of pet supplies for animals of all sizes – big and small.  Enjoy the savings you’ll find online for all of our discounted pet meds and supplies, plus enjoy further savings with free shipping on all orders within the continental United States!

k9 Advantix & More Flea Medicine Brands for Dogs

Keep harmful flea larvae off your dogs (and your home!) by applying a topical flea treatment medicine once a month.  Flea medicine dosages vary depending on your canine’s weight and age, so ensure you select the appropriate amounts for your pup.  At Pet Health Market, we stock a huge variety of dog pet meds for flea treatment, with only the top brands for flea protection.  You can find k9 Advantix, a leader in the dog flea medicine world, as it not only kills fleas and ticks, but protects against other flies and mosquitos.  We also stock BioSpot, Parastar Plus, Advantage II and many more trusted topical flea medications.  Not only do we stock topical flea treatment options, but we also sell flea shampoo, flea and tick collars and other solutions to prevent pesky pests from your dog.

Cat Supplies for Less

As a complete pet med store, Pet Health Market offers a vast array of cat health products and medications.  From cat calming aids to cat diabetes products, we have virtually all you need to give your cat a long and healthy life.

Horse & Large Animal Supplies | Small Animal Supplies

Unlike other source for pet meds online, we don’t exclude the big or the small guys.  For large animal supplies, reptile supplies and other small animal pet products, we have you covered!  You’ll see a vast array of discounted horse joint supplements, pain control products, digestive health, eye and ear care supplies and so much more.

Whether it’s a furry pooch, a slimy snake or any animal in between, your pet is your companion.  Keep your pets safe and happy by shopping at our pet store for top quality pet meds, supplements, healthcare supplies, weight control items and so much more.  At Pet Health Market, you’ll find “brands you trust for less.” For questions or concerns, please give us a call at 888-557-3846 or for feedback, interact with us on Facebook.

Today's Super Deal!

Petrodex Finger Toothbrush Gloves

Our Price: $6.07
Petrodex Finger Toothbrush Gloves, 5 Count
The Petrodex Finger Brush Glove was designed to provide a gentle, affectionate method of removing plaque and food debris from your pet's teeth. This unique design allows for well accepted brushing for even the hard to reach back teeth.

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Butler Schein Enzy-Chews For Dogs
Our Price: $10.91
Petrodex Natural Dog Toothpaste - Peanut
Our Price: $7.40
Felovite II With Taurine
Our Price: $10.99
MaxiGuard Oral Cleansing Gel
Our Price: $12.23
VetriScience Express Ease Chew Sticks For Digestio
Our Price: $15.95

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Duralactin Feline + Fatty Acids Soft Chews
Our Price: $17.44
Composure Bite-Sized Chews
Our Price: $12.73
Dechra Hypoallergenic Cream Rinse
Our Price: $14.80
Davis Simply Pure Cucumber Melon Shampoo
Our Price: $17.74
Davis Honey Almond Shampoo
Our Price: $61.39