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Bird Care Accessories: Trimmers, Medicine & Antibiotics for Birds

Caring for domesticated birds may seem like an easy task compared to living with other pets, but it takes a knowledgeable and attentive owner to raise healthy birds. Just like any pet or human, a bird is susceptible to various infections and diseases that require professional attention from an avian vet. You may not know your bird is sick until it is too late because wild birds often hide illness symptoms to prevent attention from predators. Pet Health Market recommends routine visits to a bird specialist to ensure the health of your birds and providing routine care with our line of various bird care products, bird accessories and bird medicines.

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Vista Cat/Bird Claw Clipper
Vista Cat/Bird Claw Clipper
Our Price: $7.78

Vista Cat/Bird Claw Clipper. This 3 1/4 inch long, slightly curved nail clipper with indented cutting blade is perfect for close-in work on cats and small pets. It has a non-slip, sure grip handle for 1 handed operation. more info
Major Natural Balance Tears Eye Drops, 15 ml
Major Natural Balance Tears Eye Drops, 15 ml
Our Price: $10.36

Major Natural Balance Tears Eye Drops is a sterile, lubricating eye drop for fast acting, soothing relief of dry irritated eyes in people and animals. Used to moisturize the eyes and relieve burning, irritation and discomfort of the eyes due to dryness or decreased tear production. more info
Apexa Ophthalmic Solution Eyewash, 4 oz.
Apexa Ophthalmic Solution Eyewash, 4 oz
Our Price: $10.55

Apexa Ophthalmic Solution Eyewash cleanses foreign materials and air pollutants from pet's eye. more info
Covetrus Artificial Tears Lubricant Ophthalmic Ointment 1/8 oz
Covetrus Artificial Tears Lubricant Ophthalmic Ointment 1/8 oz
Our Price: $10.57

Covetrus Artificial Tears Ointment is a sterile, lubricant ophthalmic ointment the prevents irritation and relieves dryness in the eye of animals. Apply once or more often as needed daily. more info
Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder With Benzocaine, 14 gm
Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder, 14 gm
Our Price: $11.07

Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder With Benzocaine is applied topically as aid to stop bleeding caused by clipping nails, docking tails, trimming beaks and minor cuts. The powder freezes the nerve ends close to the area where applied while the Ferric Subsulfate controls and stops the bleeding. Benzocaine is an anesthetic to ease the pain and discomfort. Pressure bandaging to be used in conjunction with product following tail docking. more info
HomeoPet Hot Spots, 15 ml
HomeoPet Hot Spots, 15 ml
Our Price: $11.74

HomeoPet HotSpot Remedy is indicated for relief of hot spots that are red, oozing or dry and flaky. Supports healing where hair loss occurs from chewing and licking the hot spot area. more info
Gauze 4 x 4 - 12 ply General Use Sponges, 200/pkg
Gauze 4 X 4 - 12 Ply General Use Sponges, 200/Pkg
Our Price: $12.23

General use non-sterile, gauze sponges used in surgical prep, wound wiping, cleaning, absorbing and bandage protection. more info
Leaks No More, 15 ml
Leaks No More, 15 ml
Our Price: $12.24

Leaks No More naturally helps the body tighten up affected muscles to stop unwanted urinary leakage, leaving your pet and house clean and dry. more info
HomeoPet Nose Relief, 15 ml
HomeoPet Nose Relief, 15 ml
Our Price: $12.32

Nose Relief  eases sinus infection, colds, sneezing, running or dry noses, red, wet eyes, post nasal drip, congestion and allergies. more info
Homeopet Wrm Clear, 15 ml
HomeoPet Wrm Clear, 15 ml
Our Price: $12.32

HomeoPet Wrm Clear is a fast acting liquid formulated for removal of Hookworms, Roundworms and Tapeworms. Can also be given as a preventative against infestation of these worms. 100% Natural.  No known side effects. Cruelty free research. more info

If your feathered friend has been diagnosed with an illness there is a good chance Pet Health Market carries a bird medicine treatment. If your bird has an upset stomach, is unable to keep food down or diarrhea, HomeoPet Digestive Upsets provides a safe, homeopathic remedy. HomeoPet bird medicine is very easy to administer; just add 3 drops into your bird’s daily drinking water. The K-Pectin Anti-Diarrheal liquid also provides digestive and diarrheal relief to birds. We also carry HomeoPet Wrm Clear, a fast acting bird care liquid formula that will remove and prevent worms.

If you or your family members are sensitive to bird feather dust or powder, relieve your allergy symptoms with Allerpet B Solution for Birds. Use the safe bird care product to spray a fine mist to a bird’s feathers every 2-3 days. Even if your bird is confined to a cage, birds will scatter their feather dust around your home and cause allergic reactions. Birds with the most feather dust include Cockatiels, Cockatoos and African Gray birds.