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YUK 2e Anti-Lick Gel, 0.5 oz
Yuk 2E Anti-Lick Gel, 0.5 oz.
Our Price: $8.84

YUK 2e Anti-Lick Gel is a bad-tasting but safe gel used to deter animals from licking. Triple-action formula developed by veterinarians.  Use to prevent tearing of bandages, casts, catheters, prevent chronic licking, and furniture protection.
Bitter Orange Cream For Dogs, 2 oz.
Bitter Orange Cream For Dogs, 2 oz.
Our Price: $9.74

Bitter Orange is a double strength cream for dogs that is extremely bitter tasting to discourage licking, biting and chewing.  Used to protect bandages and wraps from licking or being removed.  Used also as an aid in treating lick granulomas.
LickGuard Topical Ointment, 21.3 grams
LickGuard Topical Ointment For Dogs & Cats
Our Price: $12.17

Lick Guard Ointment discourages licking, biting, and chewing.

Dermicare BitterSpray For Dogs & Cats, 100 ml
Dermicare BitterSpray For Dogs & Cats - 100 ml
Our Price: $13.16

Dermicare Bitter Spray is a safe, non-toxic liquid with an extremely bitter taste. Highly effective against licking of wounds, bandages, surgical sites and other areas of body.  Contains no alcohol or oil and is non-stinging and non-greasy.
Chew Guard Spray For Dogs & Cats, 4 oz
Chew Guard Spray For Dogs & Cats, 4 oz
Our Price: $24.91

Chew Guard Spray is a highly concentrated exclusive formula for preventing chewing in dogs and cats. These naturally working ingredients are safe and non-toxic.  Chew Guard and will not blister or burn skin, and will not stain skin or objects.