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Human Dry Eye Remedies & Eye Irritation Relief

If you have red, dry eyes, it might be a sign that your eye is irritated or simply overworked. You may not realize it, but your eyes work hard all day. If you wear contacts, your eyes work even harder to stay lubricated as you go about your day. Pet Health Market supplies a multitude of eye lubricants and dry eye treatments that can help you see your best!

Whether you need eye drops for dry eyes or you just want some artificial tears, we have all of the best optical care products from many high quality brands at the lowest prices on the market. The Major brand artificial tears solution is designed to sooth dry eyes and relieve painful burning in humans and animals. No matter what type of eye care you need, Pet Health Market is your resource! Check out our inventory below to find products that fit your needs today!

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Major Natural Balance Tears Eye Drops, 15 ml
Major Natural Balance Tears Eye Drops, 15 ml
Our Price: $10.36

Major Natural Balance Tears Eye Drops is a sterile, lubricating eye drop for fast acting, soothing relief of dry irritated eyes in people and animals. Used to moisturize the eyes and relieve burning, irritation and discomfort of the eyes due to dryness or decreased tear production. more info
Bausch & Lomb Advanced  Eye Wash , 4 oz
Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Wash , 4 oz
Our Price: $11.41

Bausch + Lomb Eye Wash Eye Irrigating Solution is used for irrigating the eye to help soothe irritation and discomfort by removing foreign material and air pollutants. more info