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Fish Tapes Wormer

Tapeworms may be detrimental to the health of your fish that are living in your pond or aquarium. If you suspect that your fish have been infected with tapeworms, it is critical to use safe fish dewormers right away in order to prevent further health problems from occurring.

Thomas Labs has manufactured a line of capsules known as Fish Tapes that can get rid of tapeworms once and for all. Fish Tapes wormer comes in bottles containing either 5 or 10 capsules and can be used to protect all types of freshwater fish. These tablets contain praziquantel for fish, which acts as a powerful fish wormer and can safely expel tapeworms in fish. Each tablet is water soluble and can easily be applied to the new water that you will use in your aquarium or pond. There are no known contraindications with these fish tapeworm products that would pose a danger to freshwater fish. Use sooner than later for a healthy fish tank!