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Medicated Cat Shampoos

Our medicated flea shampoo for cats are designed to treat a wide range of problems from fungal and/or bacterial skin infections to irritation caused by fleas and excessive scratching. Skin disorders in cats can be caused by a number of things, and are often not something that requires medical treatment; however, the condition of your cat’s skin is a great indicator of overall health. Ensure that you are supplying your cat the proper diet and physical activity. There are several factors that could cause flare up on your furry friends’ skin:

  • Stress
  • Fleas
  • Allergies
  • Change of season
  • Other environmental factors
  • Bacterial or yeast infections
While the concerns listed above can often be addressed at home, it is important to note any other recent changes with your pet, as a skin disorder can be a symptom of something more serious:
  • Bacterial or yeast infections
  • Tumors
  • Ringworm
  • Other external parasites
Browse our selection of medicated flea shampoos kittens and cats, to find which option is best suited for your pet’s relief; we’re proud to offer a high quality selection from Dermapet shampoo, Hexadene shampoo, and many more. Before reaching for flea medicine for kittens, be sure that your furry friend meets the minimum weight requirements. Contact your doctor if the problem worsens or persists. Free shipping on orders of $75 or more!

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Conquer Hyla-Derm Medicated Shampoo For Cats, 8 oz.
Conquer Hyla-Derm Medicated Shampoo For Cats, 8 oz.
Our Price: $7.79

Conquer Hyla-Derm Shampoo is a unique hypoallergenic medicated shampoo perfect for any dog. Formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) for all types of skin. Antibacterial and antifungal, deodorizing and deep cleaning. Promotes healing and skin hydration.
Command Deep Cleansing Animal Shampoo, 4 oz
Command Deep Cleaning Animal Shampoo, 4 oz
Our Price: $12.55

Command Therapeutic Shampoo is a deep cleansing, non-drying, antimicrobial shampoo formulated to help relieve symptoms associated with allergic skin disorders in animals, including inflammation, itching, odor and infection.
VetraSeb C 4% Shampoo For Dogs & Cats, 8 oz
VetraSeb C 4% Shampoo For Dogs & Cats, 8 oz
Our Price: $12.92

VetraSeb C 4% Shampoo is an antiseptic shampoo combining surface-active penetrating agents and emollients for optimal therapeutic effectiveness.  Provides antiseptic and antimicrobial protection against microorganisms.
SilVet ES Anti-Seborrheic Shampoo, 8 oz
SilVet ES Anti-Seborrheic Shampoo, 8 oz
Our Price: $13.33

SilVet ES Anti-Seborrheic Shampoo

Henry Schein SilVet ES Anti-Seborrheic Shampoo contains ethyl lactate and salicylic acid for the management of seborrheic skin conditions, and to help the desquamation of dead skin, reduce scale formation and manage itching.

  • Antiseptic, degreasing, soap-free shampoo
  • Helps remove scales, flakes, and excessive skin oils
  • Contains MicroSilver BG (MS)
  • Penetrates and prevents the reformation of the biofilm
  • Safe and natural antimicrobial
  • For topical use only on dogs, cats, and horses
VetOne VetraSeb P Shampoo
VetOne VetraSeb P Shampoo, 8 oz
Our Price: $13.46

VetraSeb P Shampoo has a soap-free, lathering formulation with a mild local anesthetic agent for skin inflammation & discomfort. Contains colloidal oatmeal which soothes the skin and PhytoSphingosine for restoring lipid barrier.
HylaGroom Shampoo, 8 oz
HylaGroom Shampoo, 8 oz
Our Price: $14.36

HylaGroom Shampoo is a soap-free hypoallergenic shampoo with optimal pH balance and Ceramide III. Formulated with emollients for moisturizing the skin, proteins for conditioning the skin and essential fatty acids to nourish the skin and help control flaking and scaling. HylaGroom is recommended for cleansing of normal, dry and/or sensitive skins of dogs, cats and horses.
SilVet MC Antiseptic Shampoo, 8 oz
SilVet MC Antiseptic Shampoo, 8 oz
Our Price: $14.38

Henry Schein SilVet MC Antiseptic Shampoo is a broad spectrum cleansing containing chlorhexidine for antibacterial activity, and miconazole for antifungal efficacy. MicroSilver BG is included for enhanced antiseptic and antibiofilm activity. Ceramide III is a skin identical molecule that supports the renewal of the skin's natural protective layer and forms an effective barrier against moisture loss.
DermaPet MalAcetic Shampoo For Dogs & Cats, 1 oz. Travel Pouch
DermaPet MalAcetic Shampoo For Dogs & Cats, 1 oz. Travel Pouch
Our Price: $14.40

MalAcetic Shampoo aids in the topical treatment of seborrhea complex and other conditions where a medicated shampoo may be beneficial. Clear, all natural, soapless shampoo.  Pouch size as a carry-on is perfect for airline travel.
Relief Shampoo, 8 oz
Relief Shampoo, 8 oz
Our Price: $14.79

Bayer Relief Shampoo is a soap-free cleansing formulation that provides temporary alleviation of itching and flaking on dogs, cats, and horses.
VET Solutions Sebozole Shampoo, 16 oz
Sebozole Shampoo, 16 oz
Our Price: $30.67
Sale Price: $15.00
Savings: $15.67

Sebozole Shampoo provides antibacterial, antifungal and antiseborrheic activity for optimal therapeutic effectiveness. Used for dermatological conditions associated with infections responsive to Miconazole and Chloroxylenol in dogs, cats and horses.