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Aspirin Powder, 1 lb.
Aspirin Powder, 1 lb
Our Price: $15.03

Aspirin Powder is an NSAID analgesic and is given as an aid in reducing fever and for mild pain relief. Can be given to cattle, horses, poultry, swine and dogs.
AniMed Pure MSM, 1 lb Powder
AniMed Pure MSM, 16 oz
Our Price: $16.75

AniMed Pure MSM Powder for dogs and horses. Improves joint mobility, assists in the formation of proteins and amino acids, connective tissue, hair, hide and hooves.
MSM Joint Support For Horses, 2 lbs
MSM Joint Support For Horses, 2 lbs
Our Price: $20.88

MSM Nutritional Supplement for healthy joint support and improved
circulation in all horses.  MSM is 99.8% pure and cost effective.  The
granule supplement helps absorb other joint supplements as well as
provides maximum effectiveness of bio-available sulfur.  Digests
quickly.  The product can be used by itself or in conjunction with other
products to support joint health. MSM helps maintain joint mobility,
and may ease discomfort associated with training and competition.
Pala-Tech Equine Joint Health Granules, 720 gm, 60 Doses
Pala-Tech Equine Joint Health Granules - 720 gm - 60 Doses
Our Price: $47.02

Pala-Tech Equine Joint Health Soft Chews is a dietary supplement containing a combination of essential nutrients beneficial to healthy joints and muscles. Helps replenish joint fluids and optimize muscle performance, strength and endurance.
Chondrogen EQ Powder, 25 oz., 50 Doses
Chondrogen EQ Powder, 25 oz, 50 Doses
Our Price: $58.31

Chondrogen EQ offers premium joint care for horses with key ingredients - hyaluronic acid (HA), glucosamine and chondroitin. Found naturally in joints and connective tissues, these substances supply nutrients to cartilage and lubricate joints.
Phycox-EQ Joint Support Granules For Horses, 2.88 kg
PhyCox-EQ Joint Support Granules For Horses, 2.88 Kg
Our Price: $111.42 Heavy Item Subject to Additional Shipping Charges

Phycox EQ is a joint support formula that reduces inflammation and discomfort due to normal daily activity. Supports joint mobility and healthy bone structure. Provides enhanced antioxidant protection and Omega-3 Fatty Acids in palatable granules.
Tandem Oral Nutritonal Supplement for Horses, 5.2 lbs Pail
Tandem Oral Nutritonal Supplement For Horses, 5.2 lbs Pail
Our Price: $113.37 Heavy Item Subject to Additional Shipping Charges

Tandem Oral Supplement for horses contains Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Chondroitin and is given to horses in training, with arthritis, following joint or polyglycon injections and post-arthroscopic procedures. Also given to young, developing horses.
Chondrogen EQ Powder, 75 oz., 150 Doses
Chondrogen EQ Powder, 75 oz., 150 Doses
Our Price: $144.62

Chondrogen EQ Powder is a molasses flavored oral supplement that helps keep joints healthy and flexible in horses.